Quality Circle

To mould the attitude, habits and personality of students and make them quality conscious and complete human beings.

Scouts and Guides

Our Scouts and Guides troop was commissioned in the year 2004.

This Movement has helped our students develop

  •   Strong personal values and character by participating in thought provoking activities.
  •   Positive sense of self worth and usefulness by helping others.
  •   Caring of nurturing relationship with parents / adults of peers.

The Scouts and Guides troop meeting is conducted once a week at different shift timings:

  •  AN - 11.15 am to 12.15 am
  •  FN - 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm

Frequent camps are conducted at our school and also by the district Scouts and Guides (At Sourashtra Boys Hr.Sec.School)

Students are prepared for Rajya Puraskar Award exam and Rashtrapati Award exam every year.

National Service Scheme

Our School NSS Unit comprising boys has entered its seventh year with a commendable track record of service to humanity. It has 25 volunteers. The total period of service for an NSS volunteer is 2 years. This scheme aims at arousing an awareness of the realities of life and a better understanding of the problems faced by people. It is a definite attempt at making education relevant to the needs of the society.

Our school NSS unit carries out many regular activities every year. In addition, a special residential camp for seven days is held for the first year NSS volunteers during terminal holidays. A village is adopted for a period of 3 years and the needs of the villagers are attended to by our NSS Unit.

Our volunteers have created awareness among the residents of the adopted village about environment and the need for cleanliness. Other service activities that benefit the locals include clearing the weeds on the temple premises, planting saplings, organising medical camp, screening short films about great leaders and so on.

Adopted Year Adopted Village NSS Programme Officers
2005 - 2009 VEERAPANCHAN Mr. P.RAVIANANDAN, Dept. of English
2010 - 2013 KONAPATTI (PALAMEDU) Mr. R.RAJASEKARAN, Dept. of Mathematics
2013 - 2017 VIRAGANUR Mr. A.SHANMUGARAJ, Dept. of Computer Science


Cyber Club

  •   To develop knowledge about current IT - trends.
  •   To prepare students to face the competitive IT world.

Dalton Club

To know more about scientists and their discoveries related to chemistry.

Einstein Club

To develop scientific attitude among students.

Interact Club

Interact club ,youth wing of Rotary International provides opportunities to children of age group between 14 & 18 to work together in a world of fellowship of service and international understanding. It develops leadership skills and attains practical experience in conducting service projects. The basic objective is to realize other people suffering and to extend all possible help. Every Interact Club plans at least two project works each year - one to serve the school community and another to advance international understanding.

Jemofal - Social Studies

  •   To promote the explorative curiosities of our students.
  •   To provide sufficient exposure in the field of Social Studies.

Nature Club

  •   To impart awareness about the conservation of natural resources and afforestation.
  •   To develop aesthetic sense of beauty.

Residential Camp

In the residential camp students are taught to do physical exercises, pranayama and they learn the rich Vedic heritage of our Motherland. They are also given guidelines on time management, personal cleanliness, and respect for elders and so on.

Parenting Session

We believe that parents are important stakeholders in the process of educating children. These sessions handled by experts in the field aim to create awareness and also sensitise parents on various issues relating to children across different age groups and these are based on annual feedback drawn from parents.

Student Tutor System

As per this, college students carry out the task of test paper correction based on the key prepared by teachers. While lending a helping hand to teachers this also provides monetary benefits and professional expertise to needy students. This helps teachers devote more time for developmental activities.


Our staff members are periodically refreshed in topics like:

  •   Building a positive attitude
  •   Types of children and ways of handling them
  •   Communication skills
  •   Class room strategies
  •   Inter personal relationships
  •   Language fluency development
  •   Child psychology
  •   Relaxation techniques
  •   Stress management
  •   Emotional intelligence
  •   In house training programs are conducted for enhancing subject competency, introducing new teaching methodologies and improving the evaluation techniques.


It is a program intended to keep our campus clean and tidy and also develop a systematic approach to work.

SEIRI Sorting out
SEITON Systematic Arrangements
SEISO Spic and Span
SEIKETSU Serene atmosphere / Sanitising
SHITSUKE Self Discipline